What is foot spa and hand spa

To many a young adults getting a professional hand and foot spa treatment is an oddly satisfying new experience. Many first timers wouldn’t have the first clue that what to expect from the treatment and what are the processes involved?

So what exactly is hand spa and foot spa you ask? Well the hand spa treatment includes a thorough cleaning of the dead skin you might have accumulated over the years on your hand, while the foot spa focuses cleaning and exfoliating the skin on your feet. The process is rather a satisfying one when done professionally and with care.

What is foot spa and hand spa

There are numerous types of cleaning, exfoliating and toning agents used in the process along with lots of lotion. There is no method to the madness so to say. If you are going to a professional spa, you can pick and choose from their services offerings or if you are going for a solo venture, the sky is the limit.

Why people opt for hand and foot spa?

People’s opinion about hand and foot spa may vary. There are people who go through this treatment regularly while there are others who are in their fifties but aren’t familiar to the treatment at all.

It really comes down to your personal choice, whether you are that sort of a person who would spend the time, some cash on yourself apart from clothes, food and the usually change of shoes.

What is foot spa and hand spa (1)

Women are inclined towards certain beauty standards; as a result, you will see some women looking half of their age. I will let you in a little secret, it’s not all genetics! They have spent the time and money needed to maintain themselves as one should!

The Science behind hand and foot spa?

Time is nobody’s friend. There are multiple factors that affect the aging process in humans. While we try our best to ignore aging and just live as the best of ourselves, aging somehow someway, will catch up to us.

Ever looked in the mirror and hated yourself? Well me too buddy! Turns out it happens to the best of us. But you are not always looking in a mirror are you? The most noticeable body features to us and to others, are our hands and feet after our face.

Would you want to shake on hand that looks like a dried up raisin? Well off course not. Hand and foot spa treatment are important because their deep moisturizing therapy allows the dried up skin to repair. Do you know people use Epsom salts in their foot spas?

All the lotions and potions used keep the moisture locked away in your skin. This leaves you with flawless skin with a natural shine to it. Hand and foot spa treatment also delay the process of aging skin by eliminating wrinkles and blemishes from your hands and feet. To me that is a very big confidence booster, brings out my personality.  

What are the benefits of hand spa and foot spa?

Top 10 Benefits of Spa Treatments

  • Stress management.

Why do we need foot spa?

Foot spas are major circulation boosters. Blood flow in increased because of deep tissue massage which means good health of your muscles and tissues. Diabetics love their spa because it helps increase blood flow in poorly circulated veins or damaged nerves.

What is foot spa and hand spa

Why is foot spa important?

Foot spas prove to be very beneficial to our feet and ankles. If you are in mid 30s or going into your 40s you realize that your ankles are not what they use to be. Flexibility of the ankles can save you from a lot of pain caused just by damaging your rigid ankle.

Foot spa includes foot massages, these in-turn help strengthen your lower leg muscles and your ankles, giving your increased flexibility. Sometimes our muscles are just tired and need to relax, if you have travelled on a long flight home, chances are your feet are aching for a nice massage!

Massages like these relieve pain from sore feet and ankles due to travelling or wearing tight shoes. For the ladies only an hour in heel can make their feet go numb.

Conclusion – Benefits of hand spa and foot spa?

Spa treatments are very beneficial for adults. They provide a relaxing feel to the tired body and mind. They boost your self-confidence by making you feel young and at peace with yourself. Hand and foot spa can slow down your aging and relive your aching joints. Spas also remove toxins from our bodies and research has it that certain spa treatments lead to weight loss as well.

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