Is foot spa good for you

Rich people will always tell you to invest in yourself. It will not just make you feel good, boost your confidence but you’ll also see improvements in you that you never expected. Foot spas are designed to give you some alone time just for you. This is a luxury many people can’t afford around the world. 

Foot spas improve the flow of blood and overall circulation in your feet. Depending on the type of foot spa you have, it might massage your feet to a level where it stimulates muscles to reduce the tension in them. Foot spas are a God sent for people who have chronic feet pain.

Is foot spa good for you

It might sound funny but rubdowns are good for you. A lot of fo men think that a foot spa is used for the beautification of female feet but that is simply not true. Foot spas can be used to release tension between sore and stressed-out muscles.

For people who work on their feet, they know what coming home after a long shift is like, your feet hurt like hell and at that time you better have a personal masseuse or a foot spa. I prefer the latter. 

Foot health is also pretty damn important as you grow up or for people who have diseases like diabetes. Taking care of your feet and legs is of paramount importance if you don’t want to end up in the E.R. 

Is Foot Spa Good For You: D-I-Y foot massage

If you don’t own a foot spa just yet but still want to reap some of the benefits, a good place to start can be a good old foot massage.

A professional massage can cost you anywhere from $50 to upwards of $200 depending on the type of massage you are going for. Here is a link to a good massage technique you would like called Ashiatsu. 

At-home massages can be just as relaxing as the ones given in a luxury spa. The only tradeoff being you have to put in hard work instead of paying a professional. 

Step 1:

First, find yourself a comfortable chair to sit in, you are going to cross your legs in a manner where the left foot is on your right thigh just so you can reach your foot. Pour up some good lotion or oil whichever suits you.

Personally, lotions really feel well and heal up the skin but for long-term benefits go with oil. 

Step 2:

Start massaging your foot gently, getting into all those nooks and crannies. Get your toes, the middle part of your foot, and the heel. 

Step 3:

Here is where you make the most out of the massage. Try to massage deep into your tissue. By gently pressing your fingers or knuckles, preferably from your right hand, massage the foot going with the tissue arches.

Is foot spa good for you

Additional Step:

You can knead and massage your foot as if you are kneading bread or you can let the lotion/oil do your work by applying gentle pressure in a claw-like formation of your hand and sliding your hand from your ankle to your toes.  

Do the same for the other foot as well. I am sure you will feel relaxed after the massage. 

Is Foot Spa Good For You? Foot Spa can prevent damage of chronic inflammation.

Due to the advancement in science, we now know that low-grade inflammation can be fatal. Certain cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and several other conditions are linked to foot inflammation.

Is foot spa good for you


Foot Spas can make your life a lot easier while keeping your health in check. Hope this article proves to be helpful.  

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